Maximize Your Swimage Encore Investment

Swimage University provides an opportunity to derive maximum value from your Swimage Encore investment.  Swimage University is a hands-on, week-long class led by deployment experts.  The curriculum is based upon industry best practices and the award winning deployment expertise of Intrinsic Technologies, LLC.  By attending Swimage University, your IT staff will be armed with the skills and knowledge needed to ensure successful deployments within your organization.

Students leverage real-world scenarios at Swimage University as they walk through the configuration of a live Swimage Encore environment and deploy various operating systems (such as Windows 7 and Windows 8).  Our experienced instructors give special attention to explaining how to leverage Swimage Encore to maximize the return on investment and drastically increase the speed in which organization scan adopt and deploy new technology in a consistent and repeatable manner.  Students will quickly understand how this deployment technology solution can be leveraged as an invaluable tool for both their own IT department, as well as their company in general.

Our curriculum is comprised of a combination of classroom lecture and hands-on labs.  Our low instructor-to-student ratio ensures that each student has access to a fully interactive, hands-on experience in varied deployment environments.  The culmination is a thorough assessment that ensures the material covered has been effectively conveyed and retained by each student.


If you are interested in attending Swimage University or you have questions or comments you can call 630-769-4111 or contact us using the form below.

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