Lacking a professional grade Enterprise Deployment Solution?  SWIMAGE – Stand Alone is the answer!

SWIMAGE – Stand Alone employs our proprietary Zero-touch deployment technology without an ESD. When it comes to a deployment solution, you may have heard promises of fully automated, streamlined, trouble-free and cost-efficient execution. SWIMAGE is an end-to-end deployment solution that provides an effective means for automating and accelerating desktop, server and device deployments.

The Zero-Touch Deployment Solution

SWIMAGE. It’s the promise of Zero-Touch, delivered.

Unlike other deployment solutions that “claim” zero-touch deployment, SWIMAGE has been doing it for 25 years. Our industry leading software has the unmatched development behind it to ensure that when a remote deployment starts, it will complete without issue and with all settings, applications and data completely protected and restored.


A Deployment Solution that Raises Business Performance

You want your IT assets deployed well to sustain business operations and function. But, with SWIMAGE, you get a deployment solution that takes it to the next level—business performance.

With SWIMAGE, your business benefits from:swimage-graph

Reduced Costs – Our automated framework eliminates many manual functions saving IT tech time, reducing user downtime, and bypassing field service calls.

Resource Maximization – We tackle complicated deployment technology challenges head-on, so your IT team can focus on what’s important to your business.

Faster Deployment – Reduce the time required to execute and complete deployments by as much as one-third compared to other processes.

Greater Stability – Increase the stability, reliability and supportability of deployed software through standardization of images and system management processes.

Greater Control and Security – Gain more control and management of IT systems and user functionality through improved automation.


Your Expert Deployment Team

Simply put, we are the zero touch deployment experts. We know technology deployment like no other IT team, and we have the specialized experience and proprietary technology assets to prove it.

For example, we help our valued customers plan, architect and deploy Windows 10 fast, cost-efficiently and trouble-free.

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