Simplifies Desktop Provisioning, Migration, and Deployment

Intrinsic’s proprietary software, Swimage Encore, is the world’s most advanced Zero-Touch deployment solution for workstation lifecycle management and operating systems migrations. It is used reliably every day by major corporations, government agencies, small businesses, and by Global Systems Integrators.

Swimage(Single Worldwide Image) has been the tool of choice for OS deployments for over 20 years since it was first used back in 1993 to deploy Windows 3.1, predating both OSD and MDT.

Swimage consistently out-ranks the competition in features and functionality nearly 3 to 1 in competitive shoot-outs. It is also the only Encryption Agnostic (patent pending) solution with Work Flow management built-in (patent pending).

Every PC is deployed several times in its life. Typically this process is avoided and prolonged due to its complexity, risk, and time consumption.

Swimage changes this.

  • Automated Image Creation
  • Automated Provisioning
  • Automated Driver Management
  • Automated Application Reinstallation
  • Automated Data Migration
  • Automated Deployment

Unlike other deployment “point solutions,” created as one-offs for the most recent operating system, Swimage Encore was developed over the past 20 years as a need for full deployment management and full automation which is a fundamental part of our migration consulting services.

It has been the years of migration consulting experience that Intrinsic has put into Swimage, that makes it the most robust, reliable, and efficient deployment tool on the market.

We’ve taken deployments beyond Zero-Touch by including: deployment scheduling with workflow, pre validation, end-user e-mail communication,and fully automated provisioning.