Swimage Encore is designed to leverage the strengths of Altiris while enhancing and simplifying its deployment capabilities


–      Advanced Workflow: Swimage provides an advanced workflow engine that steps the non-technical project lead or manager
through the deployment process.

–      Single Management Console:  Swimage has a simple web portal for all accessthat allows the deployment technicians to
manage all aspects of an OS deployment without needing access to the Altiris console.

–      Automated Image Management: Swimage has a fully automated process for defining, creating, and maintaining the binary

–      Image Layering: Swimage leads the industry in imaging processes.  We pioneered and perfected dynamic image
layering techniques.

–      Data Protection: Swimage adds sophisticated and proprietary processes for data protection, providing several
layers of data protection, including a 3-minute rollback to previous operating system regardless of drive size.

–      Hardware Driver Injection:  Swimage utilized a universal/driverless image by utilizing our driver injection process
by which Swimage will auto detect the specific hardware type and inject the drivers, HAL, and mass storage devices automatically.

–      Active Deployment dashboard: Swimage provides a detailed and interactive dashboard that lists every deployment
activity as it occurs, real-time, regardless of how the deployment is initiated.  This dashboard is also interactive so problems can be resolved without dispatch, even if the problem occurs in the WinPE phase.

 -      Deployment Validation and Dry-run:
Swimage provides a pre-deployment validation that runs through all deployment steps at defined intervals prior to the actual deployment to ensure that all necessary components are in place ahead of time.

 -      Application Matching: Swimage can automatically reinstall application based in inventory matching rules to ensure
that any critical application is always reinstalled and available for the users when deployments occur.