Automated and Reliable OS Deployment

Bottom line, you want real results from operating system deployment.

SWIMAGE is a comprehensive and proven deployment solution built on a best-practice framework with features that translate into fast migration, stable environments, improved supportability and reduced IT staff out in the field or on support calls.


Built on Best Practices

Our automated deployment framework is based on the work of the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF), and others for maximum reliability, availability, supportability and manageability. The latest release of our premiere deployment solution is the cumulative result of Intrinsic’s broad range of technology systems experience and continuous improvement practices.


Workflow Enabled

We’ve adopted the Windows Workflow Foundation – part of the .NET framework – as a means of defining, executing, and managing deployment workflow within Swimage.


Faster Windows 10 Deployment

Swimage provides a simplified deployment process for fast Windows 10 rollout, scripting and development elimination, reduced downtime and less dependence on hardware and drivers. And you’re assured of teaming with Window 10 specialists.


Greater Auditing and Control

Swimage Encore also adds comprehensive and robust deployment auditing and scorecard-style reporting, giving you greater control and monitoring capabilities. That means you and your team will more fully understand all components that make up the deployment and the image for efficient troubleshooting.


Proven Deployment Over Time

Swimage has been the tool of choice for deploying well over a million PCs for our customers since it was first used to deploy Windows 3.1 back in 1993. Since then, Swimage has evolved into the most robust and complete deployment solution on the market, making the adoption of Windows 10 painless.


7 More Reasons to Choose Swimage Encore

Want to know more about the technical features and capabilities of Swimage? Check out our Swimage Overview data sheet.