Swimage Saves Time and Money.


Intelligent Zero-Touch deployment (Swimage Conductor ™) Handles all aspects of the deployment, including image management, communication, driver injection, software layering, and data protection.

    VALUE TO CLIENT:  Largest expense is touching machines.  A trustworthy zero-touch solution that facilitates zero errors.  Cost reduction from $350 per PC/yr. to $35 per PC/yr.  


System Snapshotting and Rollback (Swimage Dataguard ™) Provides a real safety net around deployments. Never lose data, regardless of file type or location on the drive and be able to reset the entire system to its pre-deployment state in 3 minutes.

    VALUE TO CLIENT:  The only tool on the market that takes a snapshot of drive, without duplicating the data, instead data is encapsulated on the machine and imaged around it. This avoids major risks of lost data seen in most deployment tools on the market. 


Remote and Home User Deployment Kit (ISO Manager) Users can upgrade to a new OS, transfer data, and join the domain by just plugging in a Swimage USB stick.

    VALUE TO CLIENT:  Without Swimage remote users usually need to mail in their old machines and wait for new ones, or risk transferring data to a new machine. Now, home users can migrate for less than the shipping cost with no downtime and no risk.


Automated Image Creation (Image Manager) Eliminate the concept of “Image management” by allowing the system to build and maintain the images for you.

    VALUE TO CLIENT:  Standardization, which saves time and human resources.


Role-Based Deployment (Template Layering Logic) Automatically provision the users PC to exactly what they need based on their position in the organization.

    VALUE TO CLIENT:  Eliminates scripting!   SCCM relies heavily on PowerShell; there is no PowerShell or scripting component of Swimage


Dynamic Software Reinstallation (Application Matching) Automatically reinstalls standard applications based on intelligent logic so users can get business function restored very quickly.

    VALUE TO CLIENT:  Reduces provisioning time so users back up and running more quickly.  Protects from errors of loading wrong apps or not all apps; eliminates human error.   


Automated Driver Extraction (Driver Interrogator ™) Collecting and organizing drivers could not be easier with a new driver extraction process that can take a functioning system and automatically extract and provision the drivers from it for all future deployments of that hardware type.

    VALUE CLIENT:  Saves time and simplifies the process. 


Communication Automation (T-minus Scheduler ™) Automatically communicates through e-mail to the targeted users, giving them input into their own provisioning and deployment timelines.

    VALUE TO CLIENT:  Minimizes help desk calls, enhances user experience, minimize work interruption. 


Pre-Deployment Validation and Dry-Run (T-minus Scheduler ™) Run a “virtual deployment” any time before the actual deployment to report and manage any issues found prior to the actual deployment.

    VALUE TO CLIENT:  Builds trust in Zero-Touch for 100% success in actual deployment.


Real-Time Deployment Auditing (Deployment Dashboard) Know the real-time status of all deployment globally from a single console. Be able to directly interact with the system from the Swimage console.

    VALUE TO CLIENT:  Brings 100% visibility to all of your deployments and increase control over various physical locations.


Offline DVD and USB Deployment (ISO Manager) Create a remote deployment process on a self-contained USB or DVD that can go to the home user or remote office worker for completely automated remote deployment. Also allows for the content to expire when needed.

    VALUE TO CLIENT:  Reduces shipment costs.