Properly preparing applications for management is one of the fundamental ways to lower desktop total cost of ownership (TCO). It requires a coordinated effort between application developers and the enterprise software distribution team. A business able to automate installations and customize software consistently and accurately across its complex environment of business systems will realize tremendous benefits. Intrinsic ensures your business realizes these advantages.

Organizations that do not dedicate trained resources to packaging will fail at software distribution. Intrinsic Technologies has the business experience and technical expertise to blend best practices with the right tool sets to ensure successful packaging, software distribution and deployment projects across your organization.


  • Significantly reduce desktop Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Increase stability and reliability of deployed desktop and laptop applications
  • Reduce staff time for software deployments
  • Built-in automated/unattended support
  • One application package for multiple OS, desktops and laptops
  • Reduce help desk support incidents
  • Fast disaster recovery and business resumption time

Services Offered

  • Packaging Assessments which entails a short term onsite engagement providing the current state, desired state and gap analysis.
  • Application Readiness consists of the preparation and groundwork completed prior to introducing an application to an enterprise.
  • Packaging Center of Excellence – A process that creates all facets of the packaging environment, develops the packaging processes and workflows, customizes the packaging tools and teaches techniques and best practices for application packaging along with providing on-going support.
  • On-site packaging services – Our experts will come to your location and package applications according to best practices, methodologies, and customizations and workflows using the packaging toolsets.
  • Remote packaging services – Cost saving approach does not require having the expense of an expert on-site or the possibility of downtime. Applications are submitted to our expert packaging team via an FTP site. Applications will be packaged according to requested customizations, tested for functionality and delivered on time.

Proprietary Tools and Technologies

  • Acresso’s AdminStudio
  • Symantec’s Wise Package Studio
  • Softgrid Application Virtualization
  • Orca