Optimized Desktop Vision


Swimage Encore was designed around simplicity.  Swimage was architected to reduce or eliminate the common problems associated with PC imaging.  Swimage’s optimized desktop vision provides your organization with the following benefits:

  • Desktop standard:   All desktops configured the same way equates to predictability and scalability.  It is with predictability that machines can be managed on a large scale with a small number of people.
  • Single image:   A single image, which works universally on all hardware models, ensures that the desktop architecture standard is maintained, which simplifies management substantially.
  • Modular build:   Modularity ensures that components can be introduced and tested into the build independently, which assists in maintaining a single, standard image, while improving stability and change management.
  • Automated:   Automation of repetitive tasks makes the PC desktop more efficient and consistent, enhancing reliability and predictability.
  • Repeatable:   Performing the same step once or a thousand times should have exactly the same result.
  • Maintainable:   As the environment changes, including policies, hardware, and software, so must the process.  Simplifying the maintenance ensures that the overall goals are maintained.
  • Scalable:   Scalability ensures that the process remains consistent and manageable as it is introduced into very large environments.