Founded in 1997, LogicDS is a premiere technology service provider and thought leader that specializes in Microsoft Infrastructure solutions. Our proven methodology, framework and technology assets can help extend the value of Microsoft technologies across your business.

We provide expert infrastructure management products and services that deliver on the promise of business technology to our valued customers. Our team of highly- trained professionals have the unmatched experience, infrastructure management expertise and the proven deployment tool to raise your business performance.

The proof…

· We have architected and conducted large-scale, global migration projects for many Fortune 100 companies, including 4 of the Fortune 5 and almost half of the Fortune 20

· We’ve done the same for many Local, State, and Federal Government agencies, such as NASA, IRS, FDIC, SEC, and VA, saving millions in taxpayer dollars in the process.

· We leverage industry standard best practices based on the work of the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF), and others for a deployment tool that is reliable, available, supportable and manageable.

· Our SWIMAGE software is an industry-leading, proprietary “zero-touch” deployment tool with multiple patented technologies that saves time, reduces costs and boosts productivity in your business operations


Core Competencies and Specialties

· We specialize in essential technologies and a deployment tool that support key functional areas of your business to help you achieve strategic objectives.

· We offer a broad array of business lifecycle solutions that encompass design and architecture, implementation, optimization, management and security for server and desktop platforms.

· We design, implement and manage server and desktop lifecycle solutions, transforming IT organizations into highly effective businesses able to resourcefully and rapidly support their customers.

· LogicDS specializes in Microsoft Systems Center, OS Migrations, PC Security and Encryption ,and Application Packaging.

Management Team