Case Study: Altiris Deployment Solution with Swimage

Client Profile:

A global horticultural and turf products manufacturer, that serves lawn, garden and pest control markets. With garden and indoor plant care items including grass seeds, fertilizers, herbicides, potting soils, and tools.

Client Business Case:

The Clients maintained an enterprise environment with satellite offices with varying degrees of connectivity all managed through Altiris. Due to their global presence and multi-language requirements the client had adopted a number of imaging technologies and methodologies creating a highly complex and resource intensive environment. Singular changes required global co-operation and manpower to standardize the various systems.

These assorted imaging technologies did not leverage their existing Altiris infrastructure, leaving client configuration management and application delivery in a less than optimal state requiring many workarounds and reductions of services delivered.

The client undertook an ambitious initiative to remedy these issues. Within one year the client’s goal was to upgrade every desktop operating system worldwide regardless of region or language. This initiative encompassed standardizing 4,500 clients to one single maintainable image with support for 8 languages. These clients would need to be configured per department, with regional settings, a library of existing applications, and with the ability to add new languages if needed.

Due to the scale of project, its timeline, and a need for Altiris experience and integration, the client engaged with Intrinsic for assistance

Intrinsic Assessment and Resolution:

To solve their complex initiative Intrinsic proposed a 3 month plan for the international business unit to be fully transitioned while the US transitioned at their own pace shortly thereafter. While the capability to manage both global and international from a singular point was proposed the client felt that two distinct environments better suited their corporate hierarchy.

To meet these goals Intrinsic successfully implemented a single global image with 8 language variants that could be deployed through Swimage and fully configured to meet the clients requirements.

Based on our expertise in this type of migration Intrinsic integrated Altiris asset records, applications, and client agents. Through integration of both systems Intrinsic reduced cost to the client, adding additional value to their existing Altiris infrastructure.

After closure of the migration project, the Intrinsic work continued to add value to the client. Swimage reduced manpower required to image PC’s while its integration with Altiris reduced hours spent managing assets, configuration baselines, and packaging applications.

Case Study: Altiris Deployment with Swimage