Swimage Encore – The Perfect SCCM Companion

Frequently customers will bring us in to help them plan their Microsoft System Center implementation and use of the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT), because of our experience in maximizing the utility of these products and tools in building world-class infrastructure management solutions.  There are times however where they’ve maxed out the efficiency, and are looking for that added value solution that will take them to that nirvana of lowest TCO.  That’s where Swimage Encore comes in.  So, on the eve of MMS 2011, we’d thought we would share with you some of the positive impacts that come from enhancing your System Center Configuration Manager environment with Swimage Encore. 

Engineering Impact

Swimage Encore takes the solid investment you have made in System Center and gives you a truly turn-key provisioning framework that will span releases and provide immediate and rapid ability to deploy your Microsoft Operating systems in all scenarios. Rather than engineering a solution on top of a platform, leverage SWIMAGE Encore to extend and enhance your infrastructure to provide far deeper scenario coverage and significant technical improvements in the process.

Service Level Impact

As a part of a true Provisioning framework (as a piece of a lifecycle management architecture), Swimage Encore provides workflow coordination for planning, requests and communication via email integration to keep users informed to guarantee not only deployment success, but also customer satisfaction. This is a focus on not only quantitative success but also qualitative success.

Virtualization Impact

With the move toward virtualization of applications and the value proposition of virtual desktops, many organizations are moving toward a data driven and scenario based platform. Swimage Encore when used in conjunction with SCCM can provide many of the same scenarios with a physical Operating System. The joint solution sits at the heart of the Next Generation Desktop, and can drive the organization to leverage OS Provisioning as part of their Dynamic infrastructure. 

IO Impact

By empowering your support organization to rapidly deploy not only your current approved operating system but also Windows 7 with no engineering difference, OS provisioning is no longer an impediment to the adoption of new technology. This is the foundation of a move from Basic to Dynamic.

Future Impact

There is no planned improvement to OS deployment in SCCM v.Next. The fundamentals are there, offering opportunities for companion products such as Swimage Encore to leverage the platform to enable a true end-to-end solution. 

So there you have it: we love the Microsoft System Center suite, and are pleased to be included in a small group of Microsoft Partners that are delivering funded proof-of-concept and pilot implementations for customers.  We look forward to seeing you at MMS, and discussing how Intrinsic can help accelerate your infrastructure optimization plans.